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Located in the east of the Black Sea region, there are the seaside towns of Artha, Hopa and Arhavi, which have a coast along the nature and people. Turkey's is a province located on the border with Georgia, east   Ardahan province, Erzurum on the south side and Rize province on the west. Places to visit in Artvin are so many that if you say that I will visit all the places, you can not finish it for weeks. Because everywhere you go in Artvin, interesting places, forests, waterfalls, historical monuments, plateaus, bridges, mosques are never ending. It is possible to see some new places and places that must be seen in every place to visit. Best of all, I think it will be more accurate and useful to determine the places to see and see in Artvin beforehand and to make a list.

Kackar Mountains

Kaçkar Mountains are the lands in Artvin and Rize province along the coast in the eastern Black Sea region. Some summit of the mountains rising inward from the seashore is 3500 meters high. Kaçkar Mountains also form the eastern part of the northern Anatolian mountains. It is possible to reach the Kaçkar Mountains from the easiest way, from the north to the Trabzon - Rize region Çamlıhemşin Ayder plateau. However, it is also possible to reach the Kaçkar Mountains from different routes. The Kaçkar Mountains are one of the most important mountains in the Black Sea region and its peak reaches 3,937 meters. Kaçkar Mountains are located within the borders and territory of Çamlihemşin district of Rize. Kaçkar Mountains are the highest mountain in the Black Sea region. Due to its dense and dense forests, it receives abundant rainfall. The territory of the Kaçkar Mountains, which was declared as a national park in 1994, remain in Artvin and some in Rize. Kaçkar Mountains are the mountains that will amaze you with their view, lakes and glaciers.

Borcka Karagol


Mençuna Waterfall

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