Artvin City, which has broken the green season with four green season, and Artvin Hotels, which have entered quite a rising trend especially in recent years, are now in the guide of foreign and local tourists in the Black Sea tours.

Why should we travel to Green Black Sea, why should we choose Artvin Hotels ? First, let's try to answer this question by making a review and evaluation between Artvin resorts and places to visit and then Artvin Hotels .

Things to Do in Artvin

It should not be forgotten that Artvin is one of the few cities that embrace the majestic Kaçkar mountains. For this reason the magnificent Black Sea city and sea views take you on route routes. Along the route following this route, the location of Artvin Hotel locally makes this city attractive for mountaineers and nature lovers.

1-Cloud Hill

The journey to Bulut Tepe on Kaçkarlar starts from Arvin. One of nature's secret hidden treasures, Bulut Tepe is absolutely to be found among the places to visit on the road Artvin reaching 3380 altitude from the Cloud valley. If you want a real view of the Kaçkar Mountains, you should definitely add to the list of places to visit. It is also possible to visit Kindevul Tepe, which is slightly below this altitude.

2-Borçka Karagöl

Artvin is one of the most preferred travel points with green nature, lake view and holiday places . While there are tent accommodation facilities in some points in the national park, Artvin Hotels are located in this area about 15 kilometers away. Particularly during the winter months when the camp is not convenient, Artvin is among the regions where accommodation will not be a problem.

3-Mençuna Waterfall

Artvin admires the Menchuna Falls, which is located in the Arhavi district and has a flow length of about 100 meters. Artvin near the area For those who want to see the wonders of nature with the reason that it is not difficult to have access to the waterfalls and the waterfalls, Artvin must add the Mençuna Waterfall to the list of places to visit .

Artvin Accommodation Properties

The Artvin Hotels are trying to increase the number of tourists especially in recent years and to provide a continuous integration against variable demands. Every year, Artvin Hotels are trying to provide diversity to the demands of the guests due to the addition of many types of accommodation such as boutique hotels, bungalows and pensions.

A few of the biggest features about Artvin Hotels are;

1- In contrast to the Mediterranean Region, Artvin Hotels are more prepared for all kinds of seasonal changes compared to Aegean and Mediterranean hotels due to the continuous tourism of the Black Sea Region for 4 seasons.

2- Due to the fact that the 4 seasons of the year, the Artvin Hotels have no big fluctuations in the prices of the hotel. In Artvin Hotel Prices, there are no two or three quadruples, like Hotel Prices in the Aegean and Mediterranean.

3- Artvin Hotels are generally not included among the hotel chains, which are grouped as luxury hotels and middle-income hotels. Almost every hotel tries to offer a reasonable price for every pouch at the price point.

4- Even though Artvin Hotel Prices do not show much seasonal changes, it increases slightly during the New Year, half year holiday and summer months. However, almost everyone who has a budget of 1000 TL will have one week accommodation in Artvin.

In the light of the information mentioned above, Artvin Hotels has a wide area. For these reasons, it is not possible to make a full comment about accommodation in Artvin Hotels .

But if you want to choose among Artvin Hotels ; In Artvin, we can say that it is possible to count the mansions of the mansion. Being located between Antvin Hotels near the above mentioned Mençuna Waterfall and the concept of bungalow and chalet, these mansions are becoming very attractive for visitors. Mencuna mansions located in Arhavi district are among the most strategic points of Artvin Hotels .