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The city of Artvin, which has been detached from the bosom of history with a climate that stays green for four seasons, and Artvin Hotels, which have entered a quite upward trend in accommodation in recent years, are now included in the guide of foreign and domestic tourists on Black Sea tours.

So why travel to this green black sea city, why choose Artvin Hotels ? First of all, we will try to answer this question by making a review and evaluation between Artvin holiday places and attractions and then Artvin Hotels .

Artvin Attractions

It should not be forgotten that Artvin is one of the few cities that includes the majestic Kaçkar mountains. Therefore the magnificent Black Sea city and sea view route takes you on itineraries. Artvin Hotels located along the route following this route make this city extra attractive for climbers and nature lovers.

1-Bulut Tepe

The journey to Bulut Tepe, which is located on Kaçkar, starts from Arvin. Bulut Tepe, one of the hidden and hidden beauties of nature, must be among the places to visit in Artvinde on the route reaching 3380 altitude from the Bulut Valley. If you want a real view of Kaçkar Mountains, you must add it to your list of places to visit. It is possible to visit Kındevul Tepe, which is slightly below altitude on this road.

2-Borcka Karagol

Artvin is one of the most preferred travel destinations with its green nature and lake views. Tent accommodation is available at some points within the national park, while Artvin Hotels are located approximately 15 kilometers from this area. Particularly during the winter months when the camp is not convenient, Artvin is one of the regions where there will be no problems in accommodation .

3-Mençuna Waterfall

The Mençuna Waterfall, located in the Arhavi district of Artvin with a flow length of approximately 100 meters, fascinates those who see it. Artvin Hotels and waterfalls close to the region are not difficult to reach because of the opportunities to see this natural wonder Artvin must be added to the list of places to visit Mençuna Waterfall.

Artvin Accommodation Feature

Artvin Hotels are trying to provide continuous integration against the increasing number of tourists and variable demands especially in recent years. Every year, Artvin Hotels tries to provide diversity against the demands of guests due to the addition of many accommodation types such as boutique hotels, bungalows and pensions.

Considering some of the biggest features about Artvin Hotels ;

1- Unlike the Mediterranean Region, Artvin Hotels are more prepared for all kinds of seasonal changes compared to Aegean and Mediterranean hotels due to the fact that the Black Sea Region welcomes tourists for 4 seasons.

2- Artvin Hotels do not experience huge seasonal fluctuations in hotel prices due to the fact that they serve 4 seasons of the year. In summer, Artvin Hotel Prices do not double as two or four times as Aegean and Mediterranean Hotel Prices.

3- Artvin Hotels are not usually among the hotel chains grouped in the form of luxury hotels and middle income hotels. Almost every hotel tries to offer affordable prices to every purse at the price point.

4- Even though Artvin Hotel Prices do not show much seasonal changes, they increase slightly in New Year, half year holiday and summer months. However, almost everyone with a budget starting from 1000 TL will have a week's accommodation in Artvinde.

Artvin Hotels seem to appeal to a wide range of people in the light of the information listed above. For these reasons, it is not possible to make a full comment about Artvin Hotels .

However, if you say what should I choose among Artvin Hotels ; Among the mansions that can be recommended in Artvin, it is possible to mention Mençuna Mansions . These mansions, which are among the Antvin Hotels close to Mençuna Waterfall mentioned above, have been designed from the concept of bungalows and chalets. Situated in Arhavi, Mencuna mansions are among the most strategic points among Artvin Hotels .