Valley of Hazelnut

Rize Fındıklı Waterfall Valley

Rize Fındıklı Çağlayan valley is a hidden paradise in the eastern Black Sea region with its unique naturalness and history. The deep valley, formerly known as Abu Vali, was named as Çağlayan due to the harsh streams flowing from the Mount Marsis in the Kaçkar extension. Located about 5 kilometers from the sea, Çağlayan Village houses the mansions and Laz Houses with historical traces.

Rize Fındıklı Çağlayan Valley continues its natural beauty from the entrance of the village to the summit of Marsis. There are plenty of opportunities for visitors to spend time in nature. Natural sports, walks, special activities in the creeks and visit to the historic enthusiasts of the cascade valley, holiday accommodation also offers accommodation.

Where is Çağlayan Valley

Black Sea, many famous highlands and natural beauty as well as the recognition of the garden of paradise contains a little known areas. Despite its central location, Çağlayan Valley is only one of these special areas. Çağlayan Valley Where to go, how to get a short answer should be given to our town Rize Fındıklı county is concerned. The district, which is about 50 kilometers from the city center, is close to the provincial border of Artvin.

Fındıklı center and Çağlayan Valley are 5 kilometers away. It is home to different villages and highland areas along the route where Çağlayan creek flows into the sea for approximately 30 kilometers. Caglayan Valley Where , with the short description of the question, the transportation is quite easy and effortless to talk about.

Caglayan Valley Rize

Çağlayan Valley Rize is located in the most eastern part of our province and is integrated with Marsis Mountain and has a cultural structure which is suitable for this feature. Its nature attracts the attention of its visitors with its unique living conditions and it attracts its enthusiasts to the region with its narrow and quite steep valley feature.

Çağlayan Valley, which is identical to the protection of local people with respect to nature, hosts the untouched beauties of our city. The valley, which welcomes visitors in a limited number of open spaces, welcomes its guests from abroad as well as from abroad.


Caglayan Caglayan Valley Stream between the presentation of the guest, who is the beauty of greatest interest. The creek, which originates from Marsis, which has a very high altitude, reaches to the sea in some regions with magnificent visuals. Natural stone stones in the region and stone bridges built in the early 17th and early 18th centuries attract the attention of the visitors.

The calm of some of the streams in some areas, especially in the Georgian Straight region in the creek and offers limited swimming opportunities. While waterfall flows under dense natural cover, natural waterfalls are also formed. From your accommodation you can go hiking all the way to the summit and the unique nature of the Black Sea can be observed most closely.

Caglayan Village

Caglayan Village , home to the historical architecture and culture of the Black Sea with its naturalness, has recently been the home of touristic enterprises and enthusiasts. The warm and caring nature of the village and the naturalness that it offers to its visitors attract great attention.

The history of architecture and the natural beauties of the region reflect the viewpoints of life of Laz and Georgian people. Greatly constructed buildings are the most important feature of Çağlayan Village and the surrounding villages. The most important factor that increases the interest of visitors to the region can be said as Laz Mansions .

Laz Mansions

Rize Fındıklı Çağlayan Valley is famous for its Dolma Stone mansions, which have a special architecture of its region. The visuality of the buildings that are known as Laz Mansions as well as their functionality are of great interest to their visitors. Although there are different architectural structures in each village, plateau and valley living areas in the region, Laz Mansions are famous for handmade sliding windows, roof coverings and attractive colors.

These structures, which give peace to both the local people and the visitors in the naturalness of the valley, also serve for the accommodation of the visitors. These structures, which are very comfortable with the wit and handicraft products of the Black Sea people, have reached their history without any deterioration thanks to their durability.

Şatıroğlu Mansion

Welcoming guests with the concept of Çağ Konak Valley Laz Mansions , Şatıroğlu Konağı is the place where you can get the best service for your boutique style and tourism. The comfortable rooms, which are included in the historical buildings without any damage, can be woven in every season. Şatıroğlu Konağı , which offers different activities with special holiday packages, has presentations that will meet the expectations for the holidays in the Black Sea. Offering an unforgettable holiday to enthusiasts, Şatıroğlu Mansion, which is recommended for peace of mind, relaxation and relaxation, attracts attention with its economy.

Şatıroğlu Konağı , which is composed of wooden houses and timber in the village of Rize Çağlayan, is a place that makes you feel special as if you are staying in your own house. If you have a vacation in the Eastern Black Sea region, it is a must-see and a place to see. The best place to stay in this region while visiting the valley is the Şatıroğlu Mansion with its historical texture.

In the Şatıroğlu mansion, you can taste the local dishes and even the dishes you don't even know in your life. Historic Şatıroğlu Mansion is a place of customer satisfaction at the most reasonable prices.

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