Mençuna waterfall is in Arhavi district of Artvin province in Eastern Black Sea region. In this article, we give brief information about the Mençuna waterfall and we will give you detailed information about the Mençuna waterfall. Where is Artvin Mençuna Waterfall? Artvin Arhavi How to get to Mençuna Waterfall? Mençuna waterfall directions? How many meters to the waterfall? How many miles is Arhavi? . Arhavi Mençuna waterfall map information? Do you have accommodation near Arhavi Mençuna Waterfall? Let's try to answer these questions now.

Brief Information About Mençuna Waterfall

Artvin Arhavi is located in Arhavi district of Artvin province. 15 km from the south of the center of Arhavi district and the waterfall path is completely asphalt. However, after the double arch bridge, the last 3.5 km road is narrow along the road and there are pockets at a distance of twenty to thirty meters. It is possible to reach the Mençuna restaurant in front of the restaurant with a 20- to 25-minute walk.

What does it mean to your own meaning and meaning?

The origin of the word Mençuna Lazcada '' Mencu '' word from the meaning of the approach, but the locality is hard to reach between the people. Mençuna Falls Arılı village is located in Arhavi-Artvin territory. Waterfall has recently undergone tourism. The Mençuna waterfall tours provide transportation to local and foreign tourists.

How to go to Mencuna Waterfall?

To go to the waterfall; If you are coming from Artvin, Hopa or Batumi, you must enter the Arhavi center from the coastal road and turn towards the left as soon as you pass the Kapisre Bridge. Follow the Ortacalar road and Mençuna waterfall signposts to stay on the left side of the stream so that you never leave the creek along the creek to double arch bridges . When the double arch crosses the bridge, it will turn right to the right and this time the stream will remain on your right. In the same way if you are coming by Rize and Trabzon; Without entering the town of Arhavi, you will have to enter from the guiding plates to the median and from the beach towards the Mençuna Waterfalls.

Meta Waterfall How Many Meters?

Mençi the height of the waterfall is about 90 meters in height is Turkey's highest waterfall. The waterfall at the Mençuna is about 650-700 meters in altitude. Artvin Hopa waterfalls are about 21 km away. Trabzon airport is 160 km away. In the summer months, hundreds of people visit the Mençuna waterfalls. Waterfall is one of the most popular places to see and see in Artvin . The waterfall is a natural wonder of the Black Sea region and Artvin.

Mençuna Waterfall Camping Locations

There are also camping facilities as the waterfall is in the Kamilet valley. Hopa Mençi to the waterfall camp for more Mençi restaurant 's place where there are no concrete tea intake. People who want to set up camp and tent can build tents on the concrete inside the tea reception area. They can get help according to their needs. There is a restaurant in Mençuna where you will make breakfast. You can also make your stay in the waterfall of the waterfall at the point where you can stay in the accommodation of Mençuna. Mausoleum the only place to stay here with bungalow facilities. The Mençuna waterfalls are the accommodation where you can enjoy the night in front of the scenic landscape in the forest and nature.

To reach the waterfall ..

As you can look at the map to the temple, you can come to the menu of Mençuna waterfalls or mansions by typing the mansions. Cps values and coordinates   41,252502 - 41,355528. You can come by private car or commercial taxi. There is no bus or minibus at least for transportation. With commercial taxis, Arhavi brings from the center to the facilities or bridge for 50 TL. When you arrive with your car, there are normally car parks in front of the restaurant, but there are parking problems on holidays and special days. There is no payment such as entrance fee to reach the waterfall.


You can't drive to the mausoleum near the waterfall. After you park your car on the bridge or in front of the restaurant, you can walk a 20- to 25-minute light-footed footpath. The pathway is a way for anyone from the road to go. On the path of the waterfall pathway there are railings, wooden staircases, seating places and router boards that shows how many meters are left. People who don't know that the walkway should walk down the road, come to the waterfall in the dusk or near the evening and return to the darkness without seeing the waterfall. Of course, not until you come here until you see the waterfall.

Waterfalls to Mençuna Accommodation

Not the Black Sea region is one of Turkey's highest waterfall, waterfall Mençi the stroller and vacationers the most important and favorite places. Artvin Arhavi is the most suitable accommodation facility near the waterfall and is located directly opposite the Mençuna waterfalls. The mansions of the mansion are wooden bungalow accommodation in the concept of mountain highland houses that holidaymakers are looking for. Our accommodation at Mençuna Waterfall is our bungalow accommodation with a view to forests, streams and waterfalls in our homes. Artvin Arhavi hotels are designed by considering the local architecture and customer demands and requests.