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It is not enough to visit and see only Trabzon, Rize and Artvin provinces and districts to go on a tour of the Black Sea region. In addition, it is necessary to visit and see the nature of these regions, where you can find the plateaus, waterfalls, historical bridges, mosques, lakes, forests, churches and all shades of green.

If you decide to have a holiday in Artvin for a holiday and travel program in the Black Sea, the hotel you will stay at first must be the best hotels in Artvin, as well as close to places to visit. Places to stay and places to stay in the Black Sea should be researched very well, besides, where to stay? and where to stay should look for answers. With bungalow houses next to the hotels you will stay   We strongly recommend you to choose mountain and plateau houses. Recently, village houses and places have become one of the attraction points of tourism.

Artvin Arhavi Hotels Prices

If you prefer Artvin center and region in your holiday program, you should determine the Artvin hotels and accommodation places very well. When determining the hotels in the Artvin region, you should decide in advance whether you will prefer city hotels or village, mountain or highland hotels. Artvin hotel prices are mostly the same in all seasons, and prices increase on very special and festive days. While choosing the appropriate Artvin Arhavi hotels, you should also know that the prices will change according to the structure and type of the hotel.

Mençuna Waterfall Hotels

Mençuna Konakları serves the tourism sector with bungalow accommodation facilities in Artvin and Arhavi districts in the east of the Black Sea. Artvin Arhavi hotels mostly work as bed and breakfast in this region. With its wooden accommodation facility, it offers its customers different booking options at the most affordable prices in accommodation in the most beautiful rooms, hotels and bungalows. Artvin Arhavi hotels are in Kamilet Valley in Artvin Arhavi, famous for its natural beauty and vegetation. It is located right across the Mençuna Waterfall, one of the most important places to visit and see in Artvin.

Mençuna hotels We offer discounts with the best price guarantee in terms of prices among Artvin Arhavi hotels . Our facility prioritizes customer satisfaction with reliable reservations. By staying in Mençuna hotels and bungalow accommodation facilities, you have the chance to visit the places that need to be visited.

Artvin Attractions

There are many places to visit in Artvin. However, to describe the most important places roughly, it can be summarized as Borcka Karagöl, Glass Terrace, Halita Valley, Şavşat Karagöl, Double Bridge and Mençuna Waterfall . Apart from these, if we include the plateaus, church, mosques and festivals, it is very difficult to get under the places that should be visited in Artvin. While visiting these places, of course, the location of the places where you will stay is also very important.

Ayder Plateau Hotels

One of the places to be taken into consideration in holiday programs in the Black Sea is Ayder Plateau, a town of Rize. Ayder Plateau is a place we can call tourism industry in the black sea. Ayder Plateau is a place famous for its hotels , forests, huge pine trees, plateaus, festivals and honey. I recommend you to search the hotels, bungalow houses, Ayder mountain and highland houses together with their prices in your Ayder Plateau holiday plans. When you go to Ayder Plateau, I definitely recommend you to enter Ayder Plateau hot springs. Ayder Plateau is 45 km from Mençuna Konakları.

Artvin Hopa Hotels

If you say I want to swim with my children while vacationing in the Black Sea region, I can recommend Hopa center hotels. Artvin Hopa hotels may also be a more suitable choice for you by choosing hotels with sea view. Staying at Hopa central hotels, Kemalpaşa severed beach will be the perfect choice for you. As you can find affordable hotels in Artvin Hopa, Batumi Hotels are also among your preferences because it is very close to Batumi, Georgia. Mençuna mansions are 25 km away from Hopa district.

Borcka Karagol Hotels

Artvin Borcka is one of the most important national parks in the Artvin region in Karagöl . The formation of Borcka Karagöl is an extraordinary place with its natural beauty. It is one of the most visited places by holidaymakers in Artvin. Borcka hotels in the vicinity of Karagöl and Borcka where you can stay. You can book and stay in Artvin Borcka Karagöl hotels and bungalows at reasonable prices. You can also stay in mountain and plateau houses, village houses and places around Karagöl. Their mansion is 70 km from Borcka Karagöl.

Artvin Arhavi Double Bridges - Double Arch Bridges

One of the most important places to visit and see in Artvin Arhavi is the arch bridges. Kemer bridges are 15 km from Arhavi center and on the way to Mençuna waterfall and were built by the Ottomans in the 18th century. Kemer bridges are located at the exact junction of Kamilet and Durguna streams. Bridges were built from cut stones using lime and egg whites. The sides of the bridges are made to resemble six full round arches and serve as railing. It was restored with the General Directorate of Highways in 2002, and night lighting was installed in 2016. It is a place where you can take lots of photos from different angles on double bridges and immortalize them. Right next to the bridges where you can have a meal and take a break and have tea