Ayder Plateau Hotels

Ayder is a plateau located in the southeast of Çamlıhemşin district, about 19 km away from this district and at an altitude of 1350 meters, surrounded by pine forests. Ayder Plateau, which is one of the most beautiful plateaus of the Eastern Black Sea Region, was declared a tourism center by the Council of Ministers decision taken in 1987. Ayder is a tourism center and has many hotels and hot spring facilities. Ayder plateau hotel options are quite wide. Ayder plateau hotels and pensions preferences of tourists, according to the variety of tourism varies. Kaçkar Mountain Climbing is made for mountain tourism and Kaçkar Resort Hotel Ayder Plateau Natura Lodge Hotel is preferred. For thermal tourism and nature walks, hotels with bungalow facilities and bungalow houses are preferred.

Ayder Plateau is a famous plateau with its healing springs. This healing spa waters, especially rheumatism, internal diseases, skin diseases and gynecological diseases can be treated. In order to entertain the tourists in the best way, the Ayder plateau has very modern facilities with pools, private shower cabins with beds, pressure water and physical therapy departments. In these facilities, doctors who deal with the health problems of people who come to work for 12 months of the year.

All Ayder hotels are made of wooden materials such as Eastern Black Sea houses. There is also a legal regulation for the conservation of the Eastern Black Sea traditional structure. Therefore, all the hotels and pensions that will serve in this region must be made of wooden materials. Ayder plateau hotel prices vary according to the hotel's view, comfort and various qualities.

Ayder Plateau Hotel Options & Phones

There are more than forty hotels and pensions in Ayder Plateau. These hotels operate at full capacity at any time of the year. Therefore, although there are many hotels in the Ayder plateau, it is necessary to make a reservation in advance. All you need to make a reservation is the Ayder Plateau hotel phone list. You can find all Ayder Plateau hotels by contacting us. You can easily book your hotel from the list of Ayder plateau hotel phones .

Ayder Yaylasi Hotel Reviews

People who have stayed in Ayder Plateau hotels before will include their experiences on our website. You can decide which hotel is best for you by looking at hotel reviews of customers who have previously stayed at Ayder plateau hotels. You can also select the hotel that best suits your needs by looking at customer reviews. Ayder plateau hotel reviews will provide you with the most accurate information about spa facilities and hotels. You can access the most accurate and up-to-date hotel reviews for your preferred services on our Ayder plateau hotel reviews website.

Ayder Plateau Special Offers

Almost all of the hotels in Ayder Plateau are comfortable hotels. Many of these hotels offer free Wi-fi. These hotels are also nature and pet friendly, for example Ayder Doğa Resort accepts pets. Ayder plateau hotel prices vary according to the features of the hotels. Hotels with physical therapy and medical support are more expensive. Ayder plateau hotel rates are between 100 and 350 TL per person per night.

Ayder Plateau Hotel Names

There are about 40 hotels in Ayder Plateau. The main names of Ayder Plateau hotels which are most preferred by tourists are Ayderoom Hotel, Ayder Elif Hotel, Ayder Umit Hotel, Kackar Resort, Ayder Doga Resort, Ardic Apart Hotel and Pilita Bungalows. You can reach all Ayder plateau hotel names list on our website or by contacting us.

Ayder Yaylasi Daily Apartments to Rent

Daily rental houses are available for customers who do not prefer to stay in the Ayder plateau. Ayder plateau daily rental houses offer customers the warmth and comfort of their homes as well as the opportunity for tourists to stay in traditional Black Sea houses. Ayder plateau daily rental houses are much more economical and cheap compared to accommodation fees in hotels and spa facilities.