Double Bridge

The bridges located in Arhavi, one of the coastal districts of Artvin province in the eastern Black Sea region, are on the road to ortacalar. The bridges, which are 10 km away from the center of Arhavi, are also on the way to Mençuna waterfall. The double bridges are one of the sights and sights in Arhavi.

Double Arch Bridges

Double arch bridges are at the point where Kamilet Creek and Durguna Başköy creeks meet. It is also at the point where many village roads such as Arılı village, Küçük village, Başköy, Yıldız, Ortacalar - Ortaköy, Güneşli village, Dikyamaç kayu, Kamilet neighborhood. As the name suggests, there are two concrete bridges and two arch bridges built in the 18th century.

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Double Bridge

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