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Fındıklı is a district of Rize and has a district center of the same name. There are 17 villages in it. It is a district known as Laz Viçe. Its population is comprised of Hamshens and Lazs. Fındıklı, once the Byzantine and Pontus sovereigns, was later under Ottoman patronage. It has been a home to many different sovereigns throughout history. When it was a district of Artvin, it was connected to Rize in 1953. It was named after the locals cultivating hazelnuts, but tea is now being produced instead of hazelnuts. Although the coastline is not very wide, it is a natural beauty that can be regarded as a tropical with its long valleys between Pishala and Abu streams, which gradually expand from the sea towards Kaçkarlar. Anyone who wants to see Rize Findikli can easily create a travel plan. It is very easy to visit, stay and find places to see in the district. Rize Fındıklı accommodation appeals to all types of visitors with its price and alternative wealth.

Where to See in Fındıklı

With all the shades of hazelnut blue combined with green, with its impressive climate and naturalness, it takes its visitors to many other places and affects everybody very much. All the villages, streams, plains and plateaus in the district are worth seeing. Clean air should be enjoyed in a natural atmosphere all around. Fındıklı district is a place that has gained more value with its natural environments. Tea and hazelnut activities related to Rize are usually held in this district. It is a district that still preserves the old with its houses and many buildings. In addition, the old stuffed stone houses in Fındıklı are converted into accommodation and hostels and serve local and foreign tourists. In the Çağlayan valley, the old stuffed stone houses, called " Laz Mansions ", have been recently restored and houses that have been built both visually and appealing to tourism.

How to go to Findikli?

It is very easy to reach the district center by car via the Black Sea coastal road. In addition to this alternative, it is very close to Artvin as it is the easternmost district of Rize. For this reason, the distance of Fındıklı to the city center is only 60 km and its distance to Artvin is about 100 km. In this way, you can go to Fındıklı district without any problems and stop by Artvin. It will also be very easy to continue along the Black Sea coastal road.

List of Places to See in Rize Fındıklı

- Fındıklı's streams
- Hazelnut highlands
- Natural stone houses of Fındıklı villages
- Hazelnut and tea gardens in Fındıklı
- Fındıklı's historical stone bridges
- Çamlihemşin highlands
- District center and houses
- Ayder Plateau and hot springs

Findikli Accommodation Hotel

It is possible to say that accommodation alternatives are increasing and developing especially in Fındıklı district. As the district will develop over time, it is normal to see an increase in this sense. Accommodation options are also easily available on the Internet. There are many different accommodation alternatives that reveal its natural beauty and provide easy access to places to visit. Findikli hotels are suitable for all seasons with their best options. Rize Findikli Hotels offer suitable alternatives for families. In terms of budget, Rize hazelnut hotels will suit every budget. There is a wide price scale. Traveling in the district does not require much cost.

Along with Rize Findikli Hotel, there are also options for Findikli Pension. Rize Findikli pensions offer almost equivalent comfort with the hotel and are located in easy-to-reach places. Apart from that, it will be possible to reach bungalow houses and more in forest areas.